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MwALT Members

MwALT membership is open to the public. To become an annual member, please click on the "Join" tab. Membership dues can be paid via check by mail, or membership can be obtained when you register for the annual conference. 


MwALT used to sponsor a Listserv, but currently we advocate that MwALT members join the Listserv of our parent organization, The International Language Testing Association (ILTA). The ILTA Listserv is LTEST-L, and it is read by thousands of language testers and graduate students in language testing from around the world. MwALT announces its major events on the LTEST-L Listserv, and MwALT members and other organizations in language testing post job advertisements, internship opportunities, and award and scholarship opportunities on the Listserv. LTEST-L has been around for a long time: It predates social media. LTEST-L is hosted by Penn State University. The website for LTEST-L is here: 

How do I subscribe to the LTEST-L Listserv?

To subscribe to the LTEST-L listserv, which is hosted at Penn State University, go to the LTEST-L website and click on "Subscribe" ( Enter your name and your email address and click on "Subscribe to LTEST-L." 

How can I remove myself from the LTEST-L Listserv?

It is important to note that requests for removal from the LTEST-L Listserv should never be sent to the list, via the "reply-to" address; this would only result in everyone on the list (and there are thousands of people on the list)  seeing your message, and not the desired result of being removed from the list.

To remove yourself from the LTEST-L Listserv, go back to the LTEST-L website, and click on the "Unsubscribe" button and follow the directions.