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 Ha Ram Kim, winner of the 2016 Best Student Presentation Award

Ha Ram Kim, recipient of the Best Student Paper Presentation Award at MwALT 2016.

Graduate Student Awards

MwALT sponsors two awards that are given out annually at the fall MwALT conference.

(1) MwALT Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Language Assessment ResearchResearch Award

This MwALT award has been given out since 2009. The award is to recognize research that has been carried out by a graduate student in a master’s or doctoral program. Students are encouraged to submit papers that investigate any area of language assessment that involve quantitative and/or qualitative analysis, such as data-driven empirical work or conceptual work (e.g., a literature review, meta analysis, etc.). Projects may address world languages, less-commonly-taught foreign languages, or English as a second or foreign language. The project may have been carried out in the context of a graduate-level course or may be from an original independent project conducted for academic credit (e.g., a course project, a qualifying research paper, a dissertation pilot study). The project must be in final form as a written paper at the time of submission. Research projects not eligible for this award are doctoral dissertations, projects directed by faculty, or papers co-authored with faculty. Submissions are due by May 31, 2017, and the award will be given out at the annual MwALT conference. See the call for papers and the rubric for more information.

-- Call for papers & information sheet [HERE] (for submission requirements and for information on to whom to submit).
-- Rubric for MwALT Best Student Paper [HERE].

Award recipients:

2016: Saerhim Oh, from Teachers College, Columbia University, for the paper "Investigating L2 Learners’ Use of Linguistic Tools in an Online Writing Test"

2015: No award given.

2014: Meghan Odsliv Bratkovich, from Teachers College, Columbia University, for the paper “Assessment and Feedback: Examining the Relationship between Self-assessment and Blind Peer- and Teacher Assessment in TOEFL Writing”

2013: Ya Mo, from Michigan State University, for the paper “The effect of writing prompts on limited English proficiency (LEP) students in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)”

2012: Chih-Kai (Cary) Lin, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for the paper “Reliability of Reviewer Judgments about Language Performance Indicators: How Many Reviewers?”

2011: Yujie Jia, from the University of California, Los Angeles, for the paper “Justifying Score-based Interpretations from a Second Language Oral Test: Multi-group Confirmatory Factor Analysis”

2010: Ian Blood and Fred Tsutagawa, from Columbia University Teacher’s College, for their paper “A Grammar and Writing Achievement Test: Assessing Intermediate Students in the Community English Program”

2009: Ching-Ni Hsieh , from Michigan State University, for her paper “Developing Academic Vocabulary Levels Tests for EFL College Students”

(2) MwALT Best Student Presentation Award at the Annual ConferencePresentation Award

This Best Student Paper Presentation Award has been given at the annual meeting each year since 2001. If you have information on who has won this award in the past, please email that information to We'd like to record the winners here. At the annual conference, a team of language testing professionals, usually compiled by the Member-at-Large, will evaluate student presentations for the MwALT Best Student Presentation Award. Any students presenting a paper based on their own work (a student solo or a students as co-authors) are eligible for the award. The Member-at-Large will work with the hosting institution to identify student-only paper presentations. At the conference, the team will use a rating rubric to assess the students' presentations. The award is given out at the awards ceremony at the close of the conference.

Award recipients:

2016: Ha Ram Kim, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for the paper presentation “Towards a Profile-Based Rating Scale for Post-Admission Writing Placement Tests”

2015: Stephen O’Connell , from the University of Maryland, for the paper presentation "Ontological Realism as a Validity Criterion for the Assessment of Strategic Competence"

2014: Sarah Goodwin, from Georgia State University, for the paper presentation "A Multi-Facet Rasch Analysis Comparing Essay Rater Behavior on a Test Used for Two Purposes"

2014: Linxiao Wang, from Northern Arizona University, for the paper presentation "L2 Learners’ Use of Interaction Features in Different Paired Speaking Tasks"

2013: Xun (Sean) Yan, from Purdue University, for the paper presentation "A Mixed Approach to Examining Rater Performance on a Local Oral English Proficiency Test"

2012: Stéphanie Gaillard, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for the paper presentation "Elicited Imitation Task as a Method for Proficiency Assessment in Institutional and Research Settings"

2011: Aurore Mroz, from the University of Iowa, for the paper presentation "Assessment & the nature of L2 Negotiation of Meaning in a problem-based Virtual Learning Environment"

2008: Erik Voss, from Iowa State University, for the paper presentation "Measuring Knowledge of Lexical Collocations: Comparing Item Types on Web-Based Tests"